Lake placid skating

Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships

Sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating through the Skating Club of Lake Placid


July 30-August 2, 2014


July 10th: Click here for Competition Schedule

July 10th: Click here for Official Practice Schedule


July 23rd: Click here for Official Practice & Competition Groups

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Pre-Juvenile Pattern Dance, Dance 1

Pre-Juvenile Pattern Dance, Dance 2

Pre-Juvenile Pattern Dance, Dance 3

Pre-Juvenile Pattern Dance, Dance 4

Pre-Juvenile Pattern Dance, FINAL STANDINGS

Juvenile Pattern Dance, Dance 1

Juvenile Pattern Dance FINAL

Juvenile Free Dance

Intermediate Pattern Dance, Dance 1

Intermediate Pattern Dance FINAL

Intermediate Free Dance

Novice Pattern Dance FINAL

Novice Free Dance

Junior Short Dance, Group A

Junior Short Dance, Group B

Junior Short Dance, Group C

Junior Free Dance, Group A

Junior Free Dance, Group B

Junior Free Dance, Group C

Senior Short Dance, Group A

Senior Short Dance, Group B

Senior Free Dance, Group A

Senior Free Dance, Group B

Preliminary Solo Pattern Dance FiNAL

Pre-Bronze Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

Bronze Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

Pre-Silver Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

Silver Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

Pre-Gold Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

Gold Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

International Solo Pattern Dance FINAL

Juvenile Solo Combined

Intermediate Solo Combined

Novice Solo Combined

Junior Solo Combined

Senior Solo Combined

Open Rhythm Blues

Open Canasta Tango

Open Cha Cha

Open Fiesta Tango

Open Foxtrot

Open 14 Step

Open European Waltz

Open American Waltz

Open Rocker Foxtrot

Open Blues

Open Paso Doble

Open Starlight Waltz

Open Argentine Tango

Open Quickstep

Open Silver Samba

Open Tango Romantica

Open Solo Dutch Waltz

Open Solo Swing Dance

Open Solo Ten Fox

Open Solo European Waltz

Open Solo Rocker Foxtrot

Open Solo Blues

Open Solo Argentine Tango

Open Adult Free Dance

Preliminary Shadow Dance

Senior Shadow Dance


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