Lake placid skating
Group Classes

Summer Figure Skating Program -- Group Classes


On-Ice Group Classes
On-ice group classes will be held in either the 1980 Rink or USA Rink during the day Monday-Friday. Specific times will vary week to week depending on ice and instructor availability. The schedule may include stroking, choreography, spins, jumps, creative movement, turns and transitions. All classes are taught by our staff professionals. Each class is 25 minutes and tickets may be purchased at the Box Office for $13 per class.

Off-Ice Group Classes
All off-ice group classes will be held in the Olympic Center. The schedule will be available weekly. More classes may be added depending upon enrollment and instructor availability. Classes will last 45 minutes. Tickets may be purchased at the Box Office for $13 per class.

Ballet -- This ballet class is specific to skaters. It teaches the importance of posture, technique and expression. In addition, the exercises will help the skater feel rotation and the work of the ankles and toes, which is important to jumping. The class itself will consist of barre and centre work.

Dance -- This dance class will incorporate many styles of music including hip hop, musical theatre and jazz to help the skaters learn body movement and style. They will gain self-confidence, as well as, body awareness.

Fitness -- Fitness classes are designed to meet the needs of skaters of all levels and backgrounds. Enhancing balance, core strength and overall athletic ability is emphasized through the use of swiss balls, balance apparatus, sport cords and innovative low impact training. This class works synergistically with the skater’s on-ice program and reinforces specific motor skills.

Off-Ice Edge™ (OIE ) Platform Classes - Lake Placid is the first summer skating program in the world to introduce this innovative OIE Platform method of strength training in a class format.  The OIE Platform (a Professional Skaters Association endorsed product), invented by physical therapist David Lipetz, is specifically designed to engage and strength train the musculature associated with all on ice techniques, but off the ice with skates on!  As seen in SKATING & PSA magazines, the OIE Platform is now being utilized by developmental, competitive, Olympic and World level skaters. The summer classes, instructed by Karen Courtland Kelly, Olympian and PSA master rated coach, will focus on strengthening jump entries and landings. Additionally, for those skaters and/or coaches that would like to take an OIE Platform and instructional DVD home, they can do so by purchasing it through the Box Office.  

Stretch -- This skating-specific class incorporates a combination of balance and stretch components, as well as, strength in order to stretch the skater’s muscles and use them in the same way they are used on the ice. From the skater’s head to their toes, they learn how to properly stretch before and after skating.

Trampoline -- Trampoline training focuses on basic jumping technique, stressing tight body positioning with respect to multi-revolution jumps. Each skater will learn to coordinate body movements and gain control of their jump rotation. The trampoline will expand the athlete’s comfort zone by increasing body awareness, reducing fear factor and contributing to improved confidence. Safety is always stressed and there is no allowance for inverted maneuvers.

Yoga -- The practice of yoga (meaning union) fosters greater self-awareness and feelings of self-worth in a non-judgemental, supportive atmosphere. The classes are designed to incorporate serious principles in a playful and fun environment.


Zumba - Zumba is a Latin and international dance inspired workout that is fun an builds both stamina and confidence!