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Summer Figure Skating Program

Summer Figure Skating Program -- Ice Schedule

Reserving Ice Time
In order to reserve your week of skating, you need to purchase your practice sessions. Purchasing your sessions, in essence, is your registration for the entire program as you do not need to purchase classes until you arrive. At the time of reservation, you need only to choose how many sessions per day you are skating - not the specific ice time.


Ice sessions are determined by your HIGHEST FREESTYLE LEVEL PASSED – not the level that you are working on or your moves in the field level. All skaters must verify their highest test passed prior to skating. Ice dance sessions are open to skaters of all levels

1932 Rink – Jack Shea Arena Schedule
No Test = NT, Pre-Preliminary = PrePre, Preliminary = Prel, Pre-Juvenile = PJv, Juvenile = Juv, Intermediate = Int, Novice = Nov, Junior = Jr, Senior = Sr

7:00-7:50am NT, PrePre, Prel, PJv, Juv, Int
8:00-8:50am Prel, PJv, Juv, Int
9:00-9:50am NT, PrePre, Prel, PJv
10:00-10:50am NT, PrePre, Prel, PJv
11:00-11:50am Nov, Jr, Sr
12:00-12:50pm Nov, Jr, Sr
1:00-1:50pm Int, Nov, Jr, Sr
2:00-2:50pm Juv, Int, Nov, Jr, Sr
3:00-3:50pm NT, PrePre, Prel
4:00-4:50pm PJv, Juv, Int, Nov
5:00-5:50pm Juv, Int, Nov, Jr, Sr
6:00-6:50pm Ice Dance
7:00-7:50pm Ice Dance
8:00-8:50pm Ice Dance
9:00-9:50pm Open Freestyle/Dance

This schedule is subject to change and a final version will be e-mailed to all participants with the group class schedule prior to arrival.

On-ice group classes take place in another rink. That schedule is available weekly.